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Whee! :iconendorell-taelos: made an awesome little stamp out of one of my drawings ^_^

I can't get no sleep Stamp by Endorell-Taelos

I've never had a stamp before! It's so cute.…

My favourite arts since I graduated, including a bunch of stuff I've never posted in my gallery before.

I LOVE DA's portfolio system. :heart:
Buuuuut I don't entirely understand it.

Anyone else have one of these newfangled tumblr thingies? :D
Hi all,

My short film has popped up in another place, this time... the BBC's CBBC! :dance:

It's available to watch nowwwwww (until Sunday) on the iPlayer, and I'd really appreciate if you guys could give it a look - It's on about halfway through.…

You don't even have to watch it really, just clicking will help... :D Plus there's a bunch of other fun toons to watch there, like Simon's cat. You know you love that one...

I want to draw something nice to thank everyone for reading my shameless self-promotional journals. What should I draw?
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Inspired by the :icondesign-a-character: challenge, I've run with the theme and ended up making three food themed characters :)

And.. Fishie?!…

There's one more completed illustration sitting in my folder so to make a bit of fun I'll make a contest out of it, first person to guess what the next food-themed girl is will get a free doodle request :D
No cheating if you saw me drawing it :P

Edit: :iconraygirl: got it! :) Pic will be up soon.
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Yeah I know, I only post here when my cartoon ends up somewhere on the internet.…

Best present ever is on a BBC website, and if it gets high enough ratings there's a chance it could be considered as a series. So if you would like to see that please give it some stars :)

In other news how is everyone today? Did I mention I have kittens now?

Edit: Apparently this is for UK peoples only :( Thankyou anyway if you wanted to star it!
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Yaaay thankyou for the DD. :love:

It makes me happy to see people randomly liking my short film over a year since it was made :D Makes me want to start a new one, which I will, eventually, really.
UPDATE: I didn't win =( Still it was super cool that you guys voted, thanks again for that :)

Hey guys! Thanks LOADS for your support in my previous journal about this :D It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that DA is still a nice place after my extended hiatus. And look, I even submitted new artwork, looks like I really am back?!

Anyway, today is the last day of voting for the Nickelodeon festival competition that my animation is in, so if you like my work please vote for it! (If you've already voted, I think it's a daily thing so it would also count this time)

Go here to vote :)

Much thanks and love :heart:
My short has made it into the finals of the Nickelodeon Animation festival :D

It's super exciting, even though I haven't won any of the main prizes.

Still, I have some faint, misguided hopes about the "Viewers choice" award, so please vote for my animation if you like it!

Shiny! is also on there somehow, so you could vote for that one too if you want.

They're going to be on TV soon! Tuesday 11/17 at 4:58PM ET on Nicktoons in the US.
Shiny! is going to be shown on Friday 11/20 at 4PM ET :D

Thanks guys :heart: You know I've actually kinda missed this place! I'll try to submit stuffs here as well as my blog :B
I seem to have ventured into deviantart again...

5,270 Deviations, 3,234 Messages <-- Prolly not gonna reply to those.. sorry ^^;

I've been working and stuff... drawing up some exciting projects that I can't really talk about, but I'll let you guys know once there's something to show :D

So uh, how've you all been?
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This way --->…

Don't forget the blog that I update at least once a week.. -->

My graduation is next week. Eep!…
(Youtube link coming soon)

Enjoy :D
(Oh and vote 5 if you feel inclined... :P) - Neftoons has had a revamp, my most recent art stuffs plus extra info about my new short can be found here.

Also had my first day at work today, it was amazing! I got to design characters all day. :D
You might have noticed I'm not very active here right now.. this might change in the future.. for now you can find me hanging out at my blog :)…

Somehow I got in the Famecast top 10..

Voting is underway for the top 5 now, so I turn to you guys for help :D I placed 9th out of 10 in the previous round so it's gonna be a close call :|

You need an account to vote, so if you could please find a moment to make one and vote for Shiny I'd be very grateful :3 I have a promo code too if ya wanna use that: 184650 (Thanks for reminding me Edem!)


PS: You can vote once a day too.. just so you know.. ^^;

Here's how I do it:

1) Move left shoulder as far back as possible, the torso twists back too (Only works with my left)
2) Lift the elbow to mouth level
3) Stretch neck as far forward as possible (Don't hurt yourself lol)
4) Use right arm to push left arm even further back
5) Extend tongue :P

Of course it helps to be a bit flexible in the first place, and I'm known for being stupidly bendy in places :B
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^___^… Shiny! got accepted as a student entry =D

:iconsad-machine: and :iconstressedjenny: are also in there! Hopefully I can go, I don't have any delusions of actually winning anything (especially with Allyn and Jenny's films in there), but it's awesome to just have my film shown again =)

dot dot dot

And here's a simple guide to taking criticism on your work :D

Step one - Submit something to newgrounds. The guys there will tear you a new one..
Step two - Show your work to Nick Price (my lifedrawing tutor) :P

Congrats, you are now a hardass xD

This cartoon is just adorable xD Has anyone else seen the clips from it?

Sushi pack -

I just love the colours, the characters and the designs (though a bit simple, but I loves my circles), and i'm just dying to see the episodes! Wonder when they'll show it in the UK? Right now it's only showing in the US D:

Also, I've been torturing myself lately, by looking at pictures od kittens. I want a kitty so bad. xD One day, when I'm not a student no more..… has made Shiny! an editor's choice film! *explodes* :D

I don't know if it's a daily choice thing or whatever, but geez, what an honour. And completely random seeing as I uploaded my film there 2 months ago..

"Anyone who has ever done a traditional animation using a pencil, paper and a lightbox knows how much time and effort was involved in creating SHINY!. Incredibly cute, Krystal Georgiou's second year Major project (this was made for school!)about a squirrel attracted to a key is a 5 bomb film. Great acting, smooth movement."

Second nicest thing anyone has ever said to/about me =)
(First is, sappily enough, by Ryan ;P)

Other things:
1) Been a bit too busy with summer stuff to organize the collab, but I've noted the names of everyone who's offered, so if we do get started on something you'll be the first to know ^_^
2) My subscription has run out.. lame.
3) Have you been checking out my blog? Yep, still updating! Though not daily...

Sigh, summer is ending.. but it's been one of the best ever. In a way it's my last summer too, as next year I'll be looking for a job. Scary stuff.

Who's up for a flash collab? =D

Sun Aug 12, 2007, 7:24 AM
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Okay, so I found a really neat song that would be awesome for a typical newgrounds flash collab. Not sure how many people I need yet, maybe 6, with about 30 seconds each.

Anyone up for it? I've got to warn you that I'm fussy and not dissimilar to a nazi overlord. Hoping to get this finished before college starts, so animation deadline would be mid september... a whole moooonth.

Gogo =D

I maded a blog

Tue Jul 24, 2007, 3:14 AM

I know, I haven't been updating my DA for a while.. I just don't like posting sketches here xD So for all my unfinished stuff, here's where to look.

I try to update every day =D

Edit: Now with anonymous commenting allowed! D'oh.